The Moment I Have Been Waiting For

Today, my moment of relief came. A moment I have been waiting for, for at least two years.

With the completion of all my prerequisites and required proficiency exams, I was ready to complete the form for candidacy placement for the Fall 2015 Nursing Program offered at Lake Michigan College.

Today, I handed in that form.

I left my morning history class and headed straight for the records office. When I reached the office I saw that perfect, little, wire box where everybody places any forms needing to be examined by the records office. There it was, completely empty, just waiting for the most important form of my life to be placed in it. I delicately removed that form from my folder, desperately trying not to put the slightest wrinkle in the paper and then, it was in the box, and I left the office.

Looking around, everybody is just going about their day-to-day business and I’m walking down the front corridor of the campus with fireworks going off in my head. It felt too simple. It took me four years to realize, that form is what I wanted and NEEDED to change my life. For the past year, I have been working fiercely to correct mistakes I made, academically, in those first three years. Shouldn’t handing in the most important form in my academic career feel more complicated? Shouldn’t there be more hoops to jump through?

On top of it feeling too simple, now I sit and worry that I missed something. I’m praying that all the information they need to make the biggest decision of MY life, and that would completely change the way I live forever, is there.

May 7, 2015 is the day all of these candidacy applications are due. I will not know until after that time, well after that time, if I’m even on the candidacy list. After the candidacy list, is the ranking of GPA’s and THAT is how you get your seat in the program.

I’m nervous, anxious, excited, scared. I’m hoping that with whatever happens, I’m led to do what I need to do in this life and, right now, I’m praying that is to get into the 2015 LMC Nursing Program.

Thanks for reading!