2015 is coming to an end! It went by so fast. This year treated us well. Of course there were hiccups along the way and that’s okay. You live and learn. However, a lot of good things happened in 2015. September 19th 2015 was our 1 year homeowner anniversary. Throughout the year we started projects and finished some. We learned to love AND hate homeownership. I started Nursing school in September as well. And, in December, finished my first semester with passing grades. Only a nursing student will know the anxiety felt during that time. Becoming a nursing student has taught me ways to deal with high stress situations. It has taught me better ways of communication. And it has also taught this previous straight “A” student to be happy with passing, regardless of the letter. In January of 2015 my niece, Skyla, was born. She has been an absolute gift to our family and I can’t believe in just a few short weeks my nephew, Jeremiah will be two and FIVE days after that Skyla will be turning one. (seven days after her birthday I will be TWENTY-FOUR) We traveled to Tennessee in August with Michael’s family and had a blast. Tennessee is one of our most favorite places to travel.

I hope for even more amazing things to happen in 2016. In January I go back to school to start my second semester of Nursing school. I turn 24 only 3 days after school starts. There’s talk about going up North some time in the summer with Michael’s parents, Traverse City area perhaps. We have another trip planned for August, back to Tennessee of course. In September I will officially be a SECOND YEAR nursing student. (If all goes according to plan during the upcoming semester, that is) And, of course there is the house, I have many plans for that this coming year as well.

Now, time for resolutions, or as I am going to call them this year, GOALS.

I feel like I’m more likely to hold myself accountable when I call it a “goal” rather than a resolution.. I feel like “resolution” sounds too much like “something I’d LIKE to achieve” and “goal” sounds more like “something I HAVE to achieve.” or “I’m GOING to achieve.” So I’m calling them goals. And here they are:


My individual goals:

  • Save 15% of each paycheck starting January 1st.
  • Develop new ways of staying organized and studying for Nursing School before January 11th.
  • Lose 20 pounds by March 30th.
  • Journal/blog write at least once a week
  • Read four new books (allowing three months for each because of school) Summertime might allow for an extra. Plus I’ve already started.

Our goals we made together. (seriously, Michael helped me with this part):

  • Finish the kitchen by January 31st
  • Build the dining room table by June 30th
  • Finish the dining room by the last week of August.
  • Reduce the number of times we eat out to twice a month (date nights)
  • Have date nights twice a month

I know people find it cliche to do this every new year, but it’s a nice way for Michael and I to organize or house projects and remind us of the things we’d like to achieve throughout the year.

I hope all of my friends can look back at 2015 and smile, and if it wasn’t such a great year, I hope they can look back and find the moments that made them smile. I hope everyone has a wonderful new year and a clear outlook for 2016. Life is what you make it. So make it wonderful.

Happy New Year Everyone!