Finding New Places

Yesterday was Michael’s 25th birthday! To celebrate, we played a game of progressive rummy with his grandma and mom, we ate one of our favorite pizzas from Silver Beach Pizza in St. Joe, and Michael and I went driving down Lakeshore drive to look at all the big, beautiful houses along Lake Michigan. On our adventure through Harbert, Lakeside, and New Buffalo we came across a new park that was recently constructed. It is called “Galien River County Park”.

We hadn’t been back to this area in so long we had never known that they were building it. We were driving down Red Arrow Highway towards New Buffalo and I was looking out my window and saw a HUGE tower overlooking the grassy swampy field. Alongside it I saw pathways through the fields. Obviously, I was quite interested to see what it was so when we drove a little farther and saw the entrance to this new park we HAD to go check it out.

Here are some pictures:

This image is walking out to the open platform ,on top of the tower. You are 60 feet up!
This is the walkway out to the platform. It is 300 ft long!
This is the tower and walkway taken from the paths seen in the upcoming pictures. See it in all its glory!


We were amazed with the platform! My recommendation when on this structure: DO NOT LOOK DOWN! The tower sways and you can see just how much it does when you look down. It is secure with tension cords and it sits atop a very large steel post but, it is still rather scary for people who hate heights.

If you would like to read about the history of these lands and get an idea as to why this park was created in the first place, here is a link to the parks webpage: Galien River County Park

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Vacation Dreaming

Seeing this


Dreaming of this


10 months and we will be swimming in that pool once more! Orlando, Florida is one of my absolute favorite destination spots due to the amazing resort we stay at and the parks that are near by. The resort is Bonnet Creek and it is stunning. Ever since we found out we would be going back for New Years, that’s all we’ve been able to think about, even though we have another vacation in August to the Smoky’s! I love to travel and to see new things or old things at new angles. (Hence, us visiting the same place several times before trying somewhere new.) However, the resort in Tennessee is not the same one we stayed in last year. This one is smack dab in the heart of the smoky mountains, while the other was about an hour and 45 minutes away.

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And maybe even dreaming a little with me. ; )