January Kitchen Update

Can you believe it? Our kitchen is actually making some progress. I’m a full time nursing student and Michael is a full time banker so I’d say we have pretty good excuses. But, it’s nice to be getting it done.

I don’t like overloading people with pictures of our house, especially if they don’t want to see it so, I figured I would just post all the “current state” pictures here with a little insight on what is in store, for the people who are interested.

First, our absolutely stunning backsplash. It’s beveled subway tile from lowes. It’s 45 cents a piece. In this particular picture, it’s the area behind the stove. The tile will go all the way to the ceiling here and a stainless steel hood will be hung above the stove. I love the depth that is added to the walls with the beveled subway tile rather than just plain subway tile. I find it, visually, more appealing. I just love it. Love it. Love it.

In the next photo you’ll notice the subway tile from the previous picture, only this time the oven is actually in front of it. So now, you can visualize the subway tile going to the ceiling and a stainless steel hood above that. To the right of the countertop it’s empty. Two big pantry units are going to be placed there because we need a place for food. It is a kitchen after all.😜

You can also see just a corner of my stainless steel island. Michael got it for me for Christmas and I LOVE it! I’ll show that again in a later picture.

Below is the same wall as above only left of the stove. Here, backsplash is also going up. In the very near future there will also be a second set of shelves just like the others.

Here is the sink, my beautiful sink. I actually look forward to dishes because I get to stare at it. Anyway, this area is basically done, aside from the backsplash. (Obviously)

This is just the front of the sink. I’m sharing this because of the window. I plan on putting window treatments up. They are probably just going to be simple gray curtains.

Next, the hardware. We are using these pulls on every drawer and just plain black knobs on all the doors.  This is also a pretty good close-up of the wood countertops.

The next picture is standing at the sink and looking out into the rest of the house. Yes, this area in the kitchen looks rough. This whole Wall is going to be drywalled and trimmed, just like the others. The archway was widened in the process, so it will need to be reframed and trimmed out. The door leads to the basement and doesn’t close properly so that is getting ripped out and a standard door will be placed. (And I’m painting it black…I can’t wait!)

Here is a better view of the stainless steel table. My favorite part about this table is the fact that when I can actually get in here and make cookies with my new kitchen aid mixer, I can just throw the dough right onto the surface. It’s easy clean up.

And, as you can see, the floor is still an exposed subfloor. Since I’m a poor nursing student, I don’t plan on putting a brand new expensive floor down right away. Instead I’m going to paint it with white and gray latex floor paint. In stripes of course to match my office wall.

So that’s it! That is where it stands currently. We have made huge progress in just the few weeks we’ve had this year. I probably won’t have another update post. Just a reveal/before and after. It’s so close to being done that it would be pretty pointless. However, on Instagram I post random pictures as we move along so there will be small little details here and there. I’m really excited for the before and after since it is such a dramatic difference, so I don’t want to give away too much before then.

Thanks for reading and encouraging us along the way. We really appreciate all of the kind words.



Life on Kimmel Street.

For those of you who follow this blog, you may already know by now that I made another. Life on Kimmel Street. This blog is dedicated to just house stuff. All of our projects and renovations will be posted there and you may even get to hear some stuff from my beloved boyfriend. Yes, he is an author over there as well. I started it so my friends and family that were really interested in our home and its changes, before I deleted my life from Facebook and Instagram, have a place they can keep up with it. I hope everybody enjoys it!

Thanks for Reading!


Dining Room Rehab

Last night, I was FINALLY able to paint my dining room. My boyfriend was holding off because he wanted to take down all the trim and redo it. However, after looking at it more closely, there are only two pieces of baseboard trim that really need to be replaced. The trim around the archways and doorways also need to be replaced but, taking down the existing won’t hurt the walls. SO, he gave me the go-ahead to paint. I’ve had the paint for over a month now and I have been dying to see it in the room.

Our dining room was an icky beige color (along with everything else in the house) and the color looked a little something like this

The color, now, looks like this

please excuse the mismatched furniture, NONE of it is staying but we have to wait until spring to build our new furniture. The black entertainment center is actually not even suppose to be there, it’s just too heavy to carry into the basement. (Or we’re too lazy…I’ll stick with the first)

I’m so happy with how the dining room now flows nicely with our super light grey living room that was painted just before Christmas, it too was that icky beige color.

Again, I know the decor doesn’t flow, but it will…eventually. This is by no means a “before-and-after” post of the dining room because it is nowhere near completion.

My boyfriend has been making jokes about our “50 Shades of Grey” house because every room, so far, is a neutral grey color. But, I think with the new dining room color, I have completely sold him on the color choices. He keeps telling me how much he loves it and how it feels more like “us”. (To that I thought, I sure as hell hope this feels more like us rather than that boring beige color, I would hate to know the version of us that actually liked that)

I really believe a nice neutral wall with pops of accent colors in the decor, is the best way to design a room. I think painting a whole room a strong color like green, blue, or red INSTEAD of just decorating with them (or just having an accent wall) is very overwhelming or overpowering. I always tell my boyfriend, “I keep my neutral side on the walls and my wild side in the decor.” Then again, my wild side isn’t very wild compared to most people.

Right now, the room has shrunk, a little, not too badly but, because the grey is much deeper than the beige, it makes the room feel smaller. To fix this, I’m going to decorate with lighter accents to, not only, tie in the living room but also brighten the room up a bit. It also doesn’t help that four huge pieces of furniture currently reside in my dining room, all of which are super dark colors.

Our style in the living room is light, airy, with deep wood tones and gold touches. Since the living room is deep wood tones against a light grey color, I want to carry some light wood tones into the dining room against the deep grey color.

Here is some of my inspiration for the dining room (so far)









I also love this following picture particularly, because this is exactly the color in my dining room. And, whoever designed this room mixed the wood tones just like I envision for my room as well.


I can’t wait to bring this room to life and make it another beautiful living space in our home.

If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Thanks for reading!