Halfway There!

Last time I updated my blog I was only a week into the program



Holy moly, its been C-R-A-Z-Y! I’ve learned so much! It’s amazing what you’ll go through in this program and you still come out of a crazy day feeling accomplished. There are days when I throw my hands up and say,

“Forget it, Im done”
“I can’t do this”
“I need a beer”
“What the hell am I doing right now?”
“Why did I do this to myself?”
“Am I trying to die? like…wtf self?”
“Yep, I’m dying.”

Yeah, it can get kinda dramatic, but still.

My life has changed so much. A lot of time is dedicated to passing my classes. Free time is hard to come by which means a social life is hard to maintain. A family life is hard to maintain. A home is hard to maintain. For instance, my boyfriend and I weren’t spending any time together and it was starting to take a toll so I had to develop a way we could spend time together and I could study too. So, I devised a new way of playing monopoly with nursing questions.

Here’s the run down:

You start out playing normal, buying properties…whatever.
When I land on one of Michael’s properties he asks me a question from the review section of my assigned readings.
If I get it right, no moolah for him
If I get it wrong, I pay up.
So when he lands on my properties its kinda the same thing
If I get it right, he pays up
If I get it wrong, I don’t get paid.

I used it to study the night before one of my quizzes and I got a 9/10 on that quiz, so it helped a lot. And, I got to spend time with my boo thang. (shucks)

It’s also the only way I can win monopoly against him. I can’t beat him in a normal game. Don’t play monopoly with bankers. They’re assholes.

I made it through my first clinical rotation which was long term care at a local facility. What I can say about that…not for me. Not a long term care kinda gal. I really admire nurses and other healthcare professionals that enjoy it, but it makes me uncomfortable. I feel like there is no “getting better” in a nursing home…that sounds terrible, I know. In acute care, I’ve seen patients go from extremely ill to 100% healthy and that is a very rewarding feeling. You go through the healing process with the patients and their excitement for their met goals become your excitement for their met goals. It’s a rewarding journey. I didn’t experience that in long term care.

I am happy to say that I am in acute care now and I’m loving it! We only have two clinical rotations this semester so this is the last rotation.

I’ve learned how to do a full assessment. We were taught system by system assessment. However, my experience with floor nurses on post-surg is head-to-toe assessments. I think it’s better for time management and easier for the patient. We’ve also begun medication administration. On Thursday, our skill in administering PO medications will be validated or “checked off” as we call it. Then we will begin parenteral medications starting with injections which we will also be validated on. Yes, we will be stabbing each other with needles. Not looking forward to it. But, hey gotta do whatcha gotta do. We don’t start IV’s until later in the program. However, we will be learning how to hang a bag and all the basics of IV’s this semester. That shouldn’t be too hard. (knocks on wood). Since I haven’t written a “nursing school update” post since the fist week, here is a list of skills that we have been validated on:

  • Bed bath
  • Bed making (occupied, not occupied)
  • Vitals
  • Transferring, Ambulating
  • Assessment

The only thing I hadn’t done from those things as an NA is an assessment so it wasn’t too bad. Im excited that we are actually getting into the nursing activities that, as nurses, we will be doing everyday. Like, an assessment, administering medications and injections. It’s quite exciting.

In Pharmacology, we spent the first seven weeks learning how to calculate dosages and read labels and all that fun stressful stuff that comes along with the RN title. This is the eighth week so we took our Math Competency exam TODAY (dun Dun DUN) and that was a nightmare, not the test taking part, but the studying part. I won’t get into why. So I will be patiently (not patiently) waiting for the results to be posted. The thing about this test is you have to score an 88% or above to PASS THE CLASS, regardless of your quiz grades. Seriously, you could get 100% on every quiz and if you can’t get 88% or above on the test…you fail the class. You do get two attempts at the exam though So, it’s only slightly intimidating.

Okay, so I think thats about all the update I can handle right now. Im reliving stressful moments as I dive deeper and deeper into the memories of the most stressful times of these first eight weeks and I can feel my heart rate and blood pressure go up.
(Not really…but I told you this can get dramatic.) ; )

The countdown begins
Thanksgiving break: 4 weeks