What I’ve Learned After One Week of Nursing School

Today is FRIDAY! I survived my first week of nursing school!

This past week has been a whirlwind of emotions. Before you start the week you’re excited and ready to dive into it and start learning skills to become a nurse. Your first day you’re still pretty excited but then you dive in, and you realize, “Holy crap, this is A LOT of information.” Then the worried overwhelming feeling settles in because you seriously have no idea where you are going to find time to study all of this stuff. Oh, and did I mention this is just one class and you’ll be quizzed on Monday? Then, its off to your other class where they lay just as much information out on the table but it’s MATH and conversions and pretty much review of what you had to learn to get into the program but still, it’s 10 chapters long and you are going to be quizzed on ALL OF IT on Tuesday. So you have several, SEVERAL chapters to read and study and become fluent in for one class before it’s quiz on Monday and then you have 10 chapters to read and become fluent in for another class before you are quizzed on it on Tuesday. Oh, and Thursday you have an hour and a half long skills check off for clinical that is worth like 222 points.

That was literally JUST the FIRST DAY of nursing school. Yesterday, I had class again and learned even more information that will be on the Monday quiz and another skill to be checked off the week after the next.

There is no general education class that prepares you for this. You will have never experienced this in any other class. I know I didn’t. My tip to anyone going into it, before class starts, be as organized as you possibly can be! Set your binders up, have empty spaces for new handouts and notes because you will need them! Read as much as the chapters as you can before classes start. And, work as little hours as you possibly can, instructors will tell you this at orientation before classes start. I know a lot of people get upset about that because they can’t NOT work. I know, I feel ya! I can’t NOT work too. But, I worked Monday, had class Tuesday, worked Wednesday, had class Thursday, and Im working today, tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday. It’s too MUCH! Im sitting on my couch waiting for 9:00am to roll around because thats my scheduled study time and this is the first time I’ve actually had time to just sit. If I’m not in class, I’m in skills lab or the computer lab with my partner. If I’m not there, I’m at work. Actually, Wednesday I had to work at 3 but before, I was at the school studying even though I didn’t have class. My work schedule doesn’t allow for optimal study time. Which is important. DID YOU SEE THE FIRST PARAGRAPH? My fear is to fail and with a work schedule like this…I feel it would be inevitable.

On a positive note, it WILL be worth it. There’s already been moments in (THE FIRST WEEK) where my partner and I have admitted to each other of crying and saying to ourselves, “What the hell did we get ourselves into?” But, you just keep going. You study, you do your best. The instructors are actually there to help you and they don’t hate you, contrary to what you hear. I’ve talked to several second year students and they all say, just keep going. They admit to struggling their first year too, but they made it and at the end of this school year, they will graduate.

It’s scary and overwhelming. Im scared and overwhelmed as I type this! But, knowing what I know from second year students and new nurses on my floor, it can be done and they were all once here, where I am now.

I gotta go study, bye!
; )


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