So Much Change

For the months that I’ve been away from WordPress, so much has changed in Michael’s and my life. For the better. First, I was accepted into the nursing program at Lake Michigan College and Ive been spending my Summer preparing for that. Along with that, I have began working as a Nurse Assistant at Lakeland Health on the post-surgical floor. I have LOVED it so far. Yes, there are the typical workplace struggles and yes there has been challenges but I have learned so much and really believe it will only do good for my upcoming challenges in the nursing program. Michael has moved branches. He is no longer working at the Berrien Springs office but now at the big, fancy, downtown branch in St. Joseph. He has really enjoyed that adjustment. We continue to progress on our house and change it into something we really enjoy. It has taken somewhat of a back seat to everything else only because everything else is so time consuming and important.

OH, and, I have a Facebook once again. I completed the semester social media free and to end my experiment with a bang, I figured I’d sign up for a Facebook that I hadn’t had in about a year. All of my family is on it plus it’s nice to reconnect with old friends. I really enjoyed being social media free. It was eye opening. I still don’t use my Facebook very often. At least not like I used to use it when I originally had one. Anyway, feel free to add me on it if you’d like. I typically don’t add people I don’t know personally but I’ve found some pretty awesome people in the WordPress community and I can make an exception there ;p

In three days Michael and I leave for a family vacation to Tennessee. We are looking forward to that. It’s been awhile since we’ve been on a vacation so we’re very ready for one now. We will be staying at the Great Smoky’s Lodge through Wyndham. (I believe thats what it is.) I LOVE the Smoky mountains and can not wait to be venturing through them once again. Last year in July we took a trip to Tennessee but we were much further from the mountains than we will be this time. Michael and I are really excited for the road trip to Tennessee. Windows down, breeze in our hair, road trip music in the background. Those are the kind of things we live for. We will be going with Michael’s parents, brother, and our nephew.

A week after we get back from our vacation, school starts and Im ready, excited, scared, and nervous. It’s okay to feel all of those at once, right? I have all my books, tuition is paid, physicals are done, immunizations are done. Now it’s just a waiting game. I have a clinical course my very first day at 7:30 in the morning! The reason why that is scary is mainly because 1. I usually don’t wake up that early and 2. I work until 11:30 the night before. I just keep telling myself, “You can do this.” I’ve had a lot of support and advice given to me from nurses that I work with at Lakeland and it has helped me understand what I need to do to succeed. They all say the same thing, “STUDY!” Which I totally understand. Some have told me that half of the people in their classes had to drop because they thought they could get by without studying. That’s just crazy to me. How can you work so hard to get to this point and then NOT STUDY? You have to study to get to this point, why would anybody believe the studying would stop after the acceptance letter is received? Ugh. Anyway, this semester is light compared to the others in terms of classes, according to advisors. Light in class load, Heavy in material. Im only enrolled in two classes, Nursing Fundamentals and Pharmacology I. Plus, I have clinicals. But there is so much to learn that there is also a Pharm. supplemental class on Mondays and study groups throughout the week. Which I will be attending FOR SURE.

Im just rambling about nursing school. I guess that shows how excited I am. I think I could probably talk about it all day. Im just so ready to begin this next chapter. So so ready.